The Obvious

The first step is always the hardest when venturing down that path to recovery. We all have demons that pop up now and then, impeding our journey. My demons tend to appear when I engage in others. Tell me about your life, your accomplishments, your dreams, but please don’t ask me to talk about mine. That’s when those hooded hollow shapes dance before me, scaring me into silence. Last week while hosting book club, having prepared a restaurant-worthy meal, a friend asked me what I had been up to. “I’m just writing for The Chronicle and contributing to a food website,” I painfully said. My friend shot back at me, “Just? Stop using that word. It’s not just.” And she was right. So this is my first step towards my very personal recovery from myself. I’m the first one to say that blogging can be  self-absorbed, destructively narcissistic, and an utter waste of time. But if doing so forces me to overcome my self-doubting demons, then I’ll do my best to blog like the best of them. Thanks Shar.


One thought on “The Obvious

  1. Sophia,

    Bravo for confronting thyself! What differentiates us from all other animals (that we know of, since we don’t share common language) is that man/woman is his/her worst “judge”, and we do judge ourselves the most harsh of all. We need to be kinder and stop beating ourselves up! I commend you for jumping right into what both your heart and soul believes is the right thing to do, with pure talent leading the way!

    With much fondness,


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