How I Start the Day

I try to get some sort of exercise every day. Some days it involves walking from my desk to the kitchen, other days it means going to the gym sweating with the elliptical while watching the Food Network. I also try to take in a Latin dance class once a week. It’s a great way to burn some calories and enjoy Latin tunes. I think my salsa, meringue, and samba are pretty good. Sometimes the instructor tries to modernize things and adds some contemporary moves. I’ve got pretty good rhythm and thought I was doing all right until I showed my daughter and her friend what we do in class. So much for my dance class. Ever since then it hasn’t been the same. The illusion that I actually know what I’m doing is forever shattered into a million pieces, their frightened looks reflecting back at me in shards of glass.

Peninsula Reservior

Peninsula Reservoir

They’ve stripped me of my Latin joy.

Thank goodness for my BFF Angie. We walk the trail surrounding this beautiful reservoir twice a week. We catch up on what we cooked for dinner the night before and share stories about our kids. Mostly, though, we just laugh. The difference is that we laugh with each other, not at each other. No better way to start the day.


One thought on “How I Start the Day

  1. Hi Sophia,

    Love your commentary! I too, absolutely LOVE the reservoir walk…I am up there with my BFF, Suzy, or someone from my team training at least once a week. What day/times do you usually go?

    Hope to see you…keep up the great work!



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