Inventive Ideas and Potters for Peace

I take so much for granted. My family and friends are a given. My health and the well-being of those closest to me too. Being a good steward to the earth, well, I know I could do much better as well. I find myself lecturing to my kids about conserving energy and water more than other teenage situations, and for that I do not take for granted. My son loves to discuss ideas and inventions that could change the world. He’s probably thought up a hundred ideas and I love how it keeps him preoccupied and his mind active. I have no doubt that one day he’ll actually create something of importance, but at sixteen, he’s still got some time.

Some of the most inventive ideas are actually quite simple in materials and construction. Often they have the most impact on lives. Maybe not for you or me, but for those who don’t take anything for granted. One such item that I discovered today in my inbox comes from Rainwater Hog. I wrote about them last year when I did an article on collecting rainwater. Located in Marin County, their company manufactures a rainwater catchment system unlike any other. Their containers are flat, making them easy to discreetly place around your home. They are becoming a popular storage container option for emergency water supply situations as well. In today’s newsletter they wrote about a simple water filtration system that uses a terracotta-type pot that filters water, making it safe for drinking and cooking. It’s from Potters for Peace, a non-profit US-based company that travels around the globe teaching people how to make these ingenious terracotta pots. Because it’s a non-profit, there’s no patent. This way anyone can make the pot without worrying about the legal ramifications of duplicating someone else’s idea without permission. Most that require this life-saving filtration system would consider a legal battle the least of their troubles.

I take for granted the clean, pathogen-free water that flows through my taps and I commend those associated with the development and distribution of this life saving idea. One day maybe I’ll be writing and sharing my son’s ideas, but in the meantime, please check out this worthwhile project.


3 thoughts on “Inventive Ideas and Potters for Peace

  1. Hi Sophia!
    It was great meeting you tonight at Cav Wine Bar. I must admit that while I love to spend countless hours in the kitchen, I definitely do not have a green thumb. I guess I have decades of urban living to thank for that. Yet, one of the great features of my SF apartment is a large deck screaming for tomatoes, herbs, olives, oranges…you name it! I can’t wait to get planting this spring, and I look forward to checking your site for tips.
    All the best to you,

  2. In this warp-drive, techno-driven world, I think we end up taking a lot for granted. How wonderful that an organization like this takes a much loftier view to actually develop something that does so much good.

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