Outdora Showroom

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was hired as a copywriter for Outdora. If you had told me back then that I would have produced hundreds of pages of content for this online shopping site, I never would have believed it. Being able to work from home has been wonderful, except that my only contact with my employer and those I work under was via email. This last weekend I had the opportunity to drive to the lovely town of Sonoma and attend a grand opening party for their newly opened showroom and finally meet my co-workers.

Outdora sells a huge variety of items for the home and garden. Just about any type of adornment for your home can be purchased from Outdora at a very competitive price. Products like amazing wind chimes, cupolas, address plaques, outdoor umbrellas, patio rugs, picnic baskets, and patio furniture are available here. They literally sell thousands of items. And I’ve had the pleasure of writing about many of them. For some people it might be difficult to learn about a product and become enthusiastic enough to “sell” it with words. Ultimately, not being able to obtain some of these items after doing the leg work and learning about their attributes, can be a drag. And yes, at times I do wish I had a wind chime that is tuned to orchestra pitch, but I’m just satisfied researching and shopping without making the investment.

The grills, though, that’s a tough one. I’ve written so much copy on so many amazing high end grills that I do envy those that have the opportunity to make that big purchase. Then again, if my copy is good enough to convince them to click that mouse, I should be satisfied with that. And I am. Besides meeting my co-workers, the best part of the party was eating the food that was prepared on these bad boys. Brilliant idea to put several of these babies to work grilling up some really delicious food. Viking, Twin Eagles, Lynx, and Big Green Egg were all on display for guests to admire. I can see why cooking demos at culinary showrooms are such an integral part to the shopper’s experience and ultimate purchase.

I wish Outdora and their new showroom much success and growth.


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